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SwaSwara is a journey into the SELF. In which you pause, reflect and renew your connection with all that is accorded by nature to the Earth, to the human spirit and body.

Situated in Om Beach, 170 kms from Dabolim Airport and 240 kms from Mangalore Airport, Gokarna is located in North Karnataka. The place is cradled by rolling hills and overlooking a pristine beach shaped like the spiritual Indian symbol OM.

SwaSwara offers rejuvenation of the body, mind and soul. A transformation that will gently help you to Relax, Release & Refocus. Attained through an engagement with Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, healthy organic diet cuisine , music and art.

“SwaSwara is more than a destination; it’s an expression of the power of wellness”

Swa Well-being

5 Nights Onwards

For a healthy holiday, Swa Wellbeing focuses on all-round wellbeing with Ayurveda relaxing body treatments, Yoga, meditation, art therapies and a healthier diet.

Boasting a flexible regimen where one draws up one’s own daily wellbeing schedule, it is a healthy & healing vacation.

Over the course of a week, you will learn to relax, slow down and listen to the gentle murmurs of your inner ‘Swara’, or voice.

This comprehensive programme is a beginner’s introduction to Yogic kriyas, Asanas, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama and meditation techniques.

Our experienced doctors and Yoga instructors will guide you on your path to a healthy lifestyle.

Private Yoga sessions are offered per villa from 7 night onwards and there is a special focus on Yoga enabled art and music.

Additional private one-on-one Yoga sessions can be availed at an added cost.

The programme includes consultations with the Ayurveda doctors and Ayurvedic Abhyanga massages for relaxing and rejuvenating the body.

Please write to us for special offers and programmes.

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