In the embrace of sea and sky, amid blue and white structures, vibrant culture, and lively locals, you unmistakably find yourself in the enchanting dream of a Greek Island. [...]


Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, everyone is a star. - Denzel Washington Renowned Scottish actor Sir William Connolly once said – I love Los Angeles. It reinvents itself [...]



Explore the best that Australia and New Zealand have to offer with a journey down under. Walk through ancient rainforests, tantalize your taste-buds with local flavors, ride through vineyards, soak in natural hot springs and mingle with the locals.


New Zealand

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Alpine valleys and Mozart’s music The land of the Sound of Music and the birthplace of Mozart, Austria has music in the air. Having the best [...]


Corsica | France

The balmy Mediterranean climate, tiny seaside villages, dense forests and hilltop chalets, Corsica is a beach-lover’s paradise. Head to Bastia, the second-largest town in Corsica and [...]


Ibiza | Spain

Thinking about a romantic getaway or a reunion with the girl gang, Ibiza is the destination for endless parties and stunning sunsets Ibiza is a land [...]