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Bolivia captures South America’s biggest draws – the Andes and the Amazon

Expansive salt lands, massive volcanoes and high altitude lakes, these exceptional landscapes form the backdrop of the colorful Aymara attires, long-lashed llamas and bustling marketplaces. Lake Titicaca sits on the border of Bolivia and Peru and the Aymara tribes reside on the banks of the lake. As you take a boat ride along the Amazon rainforest, out in the grasslands watch out for anacondas, capybaras and caimans, while pink dolphins and piranhas splash around your boat.
Salar de Uyuni will leave you astounded at its vastness and emptiness at the same time. The world’s largest salt flat was part of a prehistoric salt lake called Lago Minchin. Also track dinosaur footprints in the Torotoro National Park and enjoy the local cuisine in the thriving restaurant scenes in capital city La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz.

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