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From Patagonia to Atacama Desert, this long, slender Andean nation stretches from South America’s belly to its foot

Offering diverse landscapes ranging from the dry arid desert to the vast southern glacial terrains, Chile has volcanoes, ancient forests, massive fjords and fertile valleys in between. But perhaps the most fulfilling thing about visiting Chile is the ease with which you can travel around the country thanks to its development, hospitable locals and efficient transportation.
In addition, the Moai sculptures in Easter Island and the Torres del Paine National Park, the huge Atacama Desert and the brutal waves of Punta de Lobos in Pichilemu create an unforgettable itinerary. Soak in the culture of the country at the multitude of wineries near capital city Santiago and the bohemian vibe of Valparaiso. Visit the renowned poet Pablo Neruda’s home and swim in the Crystal Lagoon for that unforgettable Chilean experience.

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