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From the popular Lake Titicaca to the beaches and the vibrant indigenous culture, Peru has a multitude of experiences — no matter your interests

A hike to the iconic Inca Trail and the stunning Machu Picchu, a Wonder of the world are perhaps the top experiences that would resonate with a trip to Peru. The country has plenty more to offer – with Nazca’s puzzling geoglyphs, the gorgeous Colca Canyon, the lush Amazon jungle, the flourishing Andean culture in Cusco and the colonial elegance of Lima.
Add to that the magical views of Lake Titicaca, the lively and cosmopolitan Trujillo, the Manocara beach which is perhaps the finest in the whole continent and you have a bucket-list ready. But don’t stop there the archaeological wonders at Batan Grande and the jungle-locked Iquitos in the Peruvian rainforest as well as a walk through Arequipa, made mainly with volcanic rock will make your Peruvian holiday exceptional and memorable.

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