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Fairytales must come from these valleys, lakes and castles. The scotches and single malts definitely do

Ever wanted to hunt for the Loch Ness Monster? Then a journey to Loch Ness, the most famous of the lakes in Scotland is a must. But that’s not the only discovery to unearth in Scotland. There are many more tastes to discover – from the fruity, malty whiskeys made in the Scottish Highlands to the peaty counterparts that hail from Islay. And with that high, experiencing the bustling Glasgow or the enchanting Edinburgh, the rugged coasts of Isle of Arran and the waterfalls of Isle of Skye as well as the allure of Inverness will have their own appeal. And while you’re in Scotland, do play one round of Golf. The expansive courses will definitely lure you for a few relaxing rounds of the sport.

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